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Chengyu Huang, Photography, Graphics and Design, 3686 KB, iGallery

➡ iGallery 1.6.4

iGallery (was InstaMaster) is an excellent app that provides the best Instagram experience. Besides viewing feeds and popular and nearby photo/videos, you can also upload photos to Instagram directly from your Mac.

- Browsing Feed, Popular, and Nearby
- Like, comment, follow, search people, tags, and places
- Upload photos
- Save photos by right-clicking on the photo

Note: Due to an Instagram limitation, iGallery only can upload square photos. Our app will convert those non-square photos to square automatically and this might affect photo quality a little bit. You can crop the photos to square manually and then use our app to upload, so that photos quality will not be affected. Please refer for how to crop photos with Legal Note: iGallery is a 3rd-party app, and is not affiliated with Instagram what so ever. Instagram and its logo is trademarks of Instagram LLC.
Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

New for Mac | 3391 KB |

New Sierra | 4091 KB |

for Sierra 6LC17-iGallery-v.1.6.7.tar.gz | 3980 KB |

New for 10.11.6 IGALLERY_1.6.3_HFZ2E.TAR.GZ | 3501 KB |

New for Mojave | 4017 KB |

on El Captan igallery-vers-3.6.4-cjme.tar.gz | 3206 KB |

Chengyu Huang

Featured on El Captan OEU.VER..3.3.ACTION.THEMES.FOR.KEYNOTE.APP (3089943 kb) 3.1

Recomended Mac Pro (794 kb) 2.3
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