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Image Editing
Splasm Software
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Multimedia Design

vers.1.0 Griddle

Griddle is the fast and handy pixel grid generator - perfect for your graphics applications and projects. Step aside, overlay grids - now you can bend, warp and integrate grids directly into your work! And say goodbye to the pain of measuring the effects of filters, such as Photoshop®'s Liquify, where overlay grids aren't even available.
Create the grid you need:
- Custom grid size and origin
- Major and minor grid layers with discrete line color, opacity and style settings
- Drag & drop, copy & paste or save your grid to a file
Stop wasting your time making project-specific grids from scratch. Let Griddle handle your grids while you get back to creating!
Note to Photoshop users: Copying and pasting images with transparency will result in an opaque background. For best results, save your grid to a file and open it directly within Photoshop.

Featured on 10.13.4 {328 kbytes}

Recomended! version griddle_version_2.0_wfsbq6.pkg {483 kbytes}

Best El Captan v_1.2_Griddle_R5IdyZ.dmg {418 kbytes}

Version to iMac Pro vcu.Griddle.vers.1.1.pkg {475 kbytes}

Recomended to MacBook C9NV.VER.3.0.GRIDDLE.PKG {328 kbytes}

Updated on Sierra griddle_ver_1.4_6wgo.pkg {422 kbytes}

Version 10.12.4 griddle.5sdx.tar.gz {430 kbytes}

Splasm Software

on MacBook OWACZX_3.0.2_SHIFTY.ZIP | 18665 kbytes | 0.5.2

New! version | 11141 kbytes | 2.3.23

Best for Sierra v_7.2.7_InstaBro_18ygLY.pkg | 15151 kbytes | 5.3.7

Best! version | 7348 kbytes | 1.3.0

{328 kbytes} Get ISZ VERS.2.0 GRIDDLE 1.4 Featured for MacOS

{451 kbytes} Update Griddle ver 1.2 cuEN 1.3 Featured! version

{438 kbytes} Get FAY GRIDDLE VER. 1.2 3.0 Updated for MacBook

{336 kbytes} Update Griddle v.1.4 49u 3.0 on MacOS

{487 kbytes} Get Griddle v 2.0 jFP 1.1 for El Captan

{385 kbytes} App V.1.3 GRIDDLE UALM62 2.0 10.14

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