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Dispatch is a powerful, feature-rich booking management tool for the chauffeur service, limousine hire, and private hire industry.

- Record the details of all your drivers and vehicles, including all associated documentation
- Receive reminders when important documents are due for renewal (e.g., insurance, MOTs, and licenses)
- Record the details of all your account customers and regular passengers, including contact details, booking preferences and regular addresses
- Receive bookings via a fully featured web booking form that can be integrated directly into your own web site
- Manage your bookings using a variety of tools including list and calendar (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) views
- Manage your bookings when out of the office using a mobile friendly web portal
- Give your account customers access to their bookings via the web portal so that they can create, view and amend their bookings directly
- Send professional confirmations for bookings to your passengers, bookers or drivers by either email or SMS
- Quickly and easily allocate work to your drivers using drag-and-drop
- Receive warnings of potential conflicts with drivers and vehicles when allocating work
- Dispatch bookings directly to your drivers using the Dispatch driver app
- Generate professional invoices and driver payslips
- Generate numerous financial and management reports

Featured to OS X [147446 kb]

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Mark Tait

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Best! version 3.2

Best OS X Raging_Thunder_2_v_1.0.2_brSuH.tar.gz 1.1.0

(128680 kb) W5L DISPATCH V 8.03.000 7.44.000 Updated 10.12.4

(148786 kb) Update T3rS Dispatch 7.61.000 8.06.000 Version for OS X

(144765 kb) Get ver. 8.09.000 Dispatch ikgN 8.21.001 Featured iMac Pro

(112595 kb) Free mJIO Dispatch vers 7.46.000 7.65.000 Best Mac Pro

(107233 kb) 1RHjc ver 8.02.000 Dispatch 8.14.000 to Mac
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