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FilterCal v 1.1.0

FilterCal simplifies filtering multiple or overloaded calendars. You can sort through all of your family activities, work appointments, and school commitments, and create a nice, neat, abbreviated schedule that doesn't induce hyperventilation by just looking at it.
FilterCal's intuitive interface (especially in full-screen mode) will help you to select the events you simply must have, and then either copy or move them to a calendar of your choice. You can then hide the source calendar(s) and instantly clean up your display. No more being bombarded with calendar items you don't need or want.
Freedom awaits. Tidiness is just around the corner.

Updated on Sierra {2940 kbytes}

Featured! version {2880 kbytes}

MacBook filtercal_version_1.1.1_jq6.tar.gz {3059 kbytes}

Updated MacBook Air hiys5q-filtercal-vers.1.2.0.pkg {2970 kbytes}

MacOS {3504 kbytes}

Craig Smith
Official site:

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