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AirDroid lets you access Android phone/tablet from computer remotely and securely. Manage SMS, files, photos and videos, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and more on computer.

AirDroid Features
- AirMirror - mirror the whole screen of your Android device to computer, and interact with all the apps installed using the computer's mouse and keyboard.
- Notification Mirror - Get real-time alert of phone notifications from any apps. You can also silent those apps whose notifications you don't want to see on desktop.
- SMS - You don't only get SMS notification on desktop, you could even quickly reply it.
- Call alerts - You can get real-time alerts of incoming calls, and either reject them directly or with a canned quick response by SMS, or accept the call and take it on the phone.
- File transfer - Transfer files from computer to Android by a simple drag and drop, on local or remote connection.
- Contact - View contacts and send SMS from contact list.
- End to End Encryption (E2EE) - We're always aware of user privacy protection, in AirDroid 3, we take further steps by enabling end-to-end encryption for all SMS, app notifications, contact data, account credentials and other sensitive data transmitting between AirDroid clients. With E2EE, it's practically impossible for any 3rd party, including the governments, to view the content of your data.
- AirDroid Web - These same features are also accesable from

The published price is that of the premium plan for a single month. Additional pricing information can be found here.

Updated version RJK_AIRDROID_VER_3.6.1.0.ZIP [38522 kb]

Best MacBook Air version- [33464 kb]

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Software key AirDroid

OS X globalSAN-vers- [11993 KB]

Featured for MacOS T07Ns.version.1.193.DEPOTset.dmg [229 KB] 1.183

[45527 kb] Get AIRDROID VERS BSM Updated version

[44359 kb] Software V. AIRDROID CAS4 Featured on 10.12.4

[35020 kb] Get eyf vers. AirDroid New to Sierra

[33464 kb] App AIRDROID VERS. 6XT4J Updated iMac Pro

[39690 kb] Free VND9KZ AIRDROID V. Recomended El Captan
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