on 10.14.3 how download iMindQ vers 8.1.1

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✔ iMindQ vers.8.1.1

iMindQ, with its smooth and flexible user interface, offers a virtual whiteboard space where you can utilize an organic and intuitive mind-mapping experience to organize and present your thoughts and ideas using a mind map, concept map, flowcharts, diagrams and much more. You can use iMindQ to:
- Brainstorming effectively
- Inspire creativity
- Capture, Explore and Present ideas visually
- Visualize strategic options
- Manage information overload
- Explain complex ideas
- Keep meeting notes organized
- Turn concepts to action plans
- Initiate project planning Here are some of the Key features included:
- Create Organic Mind Maps, Concept Maps, Flowcharts and other types of diagrams (UML diagram)
- Wide range of Icons, images, shapes, patterns and backgrounds
- Advanced Map elements (rich text notes, callouts, boundaries, spectral ties)
- Drag & Drop library items and Map Parts
- Quick topic menu for faster map creation (add topic, add relationship, format topic)
- Key Topic Properties: Horizontal and Vertical topic spacing; Topic alignment; Topic adjustments (bring to front, send to back); Same size to topic (same width and height);
- Presentation mode
- Automatically build map using an integrated Web Browser
- Import and Export to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project
- Export Map as:
- .pdf file
- image
- HTML file
- WBS content as CSV file

- Project Management functionality:
- Create Project task and summery task
- Insert project milestones
- Customizable Gantt Table, interactive Gantt Chart View and
- Outline view, WBS Chart view
- Task dependencies, constraints and duration
- Project Statistic and Project Outline
- Print preview and print Gantt Chart view This mind mapping solution lets you encourage your originality and accumulate innovative ideas, easily sharing them with others in a visually stimulating and understandable format.

Recomended Mojave (105412 kbytes)

Recomended MacOS vers-8.1.2-iMindQ-0GeDkq.tar.gz (110960 kbytes)

El Captan (98939 kbytes)

New! version IMINDQ. (98939 kbytes)

Best for MacOS iMindQ_v.8.4.1_wkB.pkg (79521 kbytes)

Seavus DOOEL
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New MacOS TkN9Y_ver._1.5_Cloud_Money.pkg [6128 kb] 3.03

Updated on OS X APPWRANGLER_1.2_TWSYXH.PKG [2176 kb] 3.0

10.12 Lmqlia.Gelatin.ver.3.9.pkg [377 kb] 5.5

Free VERS 10.1.1 IMINDQ HMP 8.1.3 on 10.13.6

O8Y IMINDQ V 9.1.1 10.1.1 New MacOS

Download II4JPD VER. 8.4.1 IMINDQ 8.2.1 New to OS X

Get iMindQ 8.2.1 ckwtJ3 10.1.1 for iMac
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